Unicorn Financial

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$10 million

Securitized ‘B’ Note Facility

$5 million Senior Secured Note

The undersigned acted as Placement Agent for the Facility and Notes

$15 million securitized financing

  • Unicorn Financial Services provides financing for individuals having elective dental and medical procedures.
  • Unicorn needed additional capital to support the Company’s rapid growth and to repay its maturing subordinated debt.
  • Scura Partners created a unique hybrid structure, arranging for one lender to provide a ‘B’ tranche facility for Unicorn’s ABCP facility and a separate secured note at the parent company. This very efficient funding structure minimized Unicorn’s funding cost and maximized the availability and flexibility of the financing program.
  • Scura Partners worked closely with the lender, Unicorn’s existing ABCP provider and the rating agencies to complete the recapitalization plan with attractive terms and rates for the Company.
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