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Capital Raising with the Right Firm

Scura Partners' financing practice utilizes our deep experience in the capital markets and understanding of corporate finance to create an optimal capital structure for each client.

The firm addresses all aspects of a company’s capitalization to maximize the flexibility, pricing and structure for the client.

Scura Partners' experienced capital markets professionals serve as advisors and agents to our clients, guiding them in securing cost effective capital solutions for working capital, capital expenditures, refinancing of existing debt, recapitalizations or acquisitions. We have been directly involved in transactions totaling more than $250 billion in value. Our senior bankers have experience providing a comprehensive range of equity and debt capital raising advisory services and understand the intricacies and market dynamics required for a successful capital raise.

Every client is given a firm-wide commitment. Senior coverage is part of all aspects of the transaction. Our services are tailored for specific client needs with the focus on cost of capital and future financing flexibility. Our firm dedication, combined with our broad relationships with capital providers, allows Scura Paley to be a major asset to your company.

Equity Financing

Scura Partners has deep knowledge and experience in all equity and equity-related financing products. Our senior professionals have served on average over 25 years in the industry and have led large banking teams in complex high profile transactions for clients in all market cycles. We maintain relationships with capital providers that cover the spectrum of investments from start-up capital to seasoned public market capital. This allows us to advise clients in all stages of their development.

In the advisory stage, our senior bankers will tailor the equity offering taking into account the company’s stage of development and purpose of financing. Early stage companies will have a different investor audience than a more seasoned company. Similarly, the approach to the market will be different for acquisition financing versus growth financing. Our understanding of the investor universe and the market environment helps our clients navigate equity capital raising that is both capital cost and time efficient.

Leveraged Finance

An optimal debt structure is key to maximizing corporate value. The judicious use of leveraged finance can increase the financial resources available to a company without diluting shareholders. Leverage can speed growth at a lower total cost than other types of financing activities (e.g. selling equity) creating improved returns for stakeholders. Additionally, the use of debt often has positive tax implications not available through the use of other types of financial strategies.

There is no rote method or simple formula for determining the optimal type and amount of debt to use in a given situation. The application of too much or the wrong kind of debt can have dire implications for a company’s balance sheet. Incorporating leverage into the capital structure is a complex decision that depends on many variables including: current market environment, unique industry characteristics, nature of a company’s business, balance sheet strength, reliability of cash flows and stage of development.

Scura Partners has deep experience, earned over many decades and market cycles, in analyzing the needs of corporate borrowers and determining the optimal use of leverage as a strategic financial tool. We’ve worked with a broad spectrum of companies in many diverse industries and have the ability to analyze a company’s prospects, business model, financial statements, capital structure and growth strategy to determine if the use of leverage is appropriate. Our network of financial resources is extensive and includes commercial banks, insurance companies, private equity and hedge funds. We have successfully completed over $20 billion in debt financing for our clients helping them minimize risk and maximize corporate value through the astute use of debt.


Having large amounts of capital tied-up in real estate assets can be inefficient, as the returns generated (or benefits derived) by redeploying the after-tax proceeds of selling these assets often exceed the growth rate in the value of the real estate. Sale-Leaseback transactions can enable a company to unlock the valuable capital tied-up in its real estate without disturbing operating or financial control over those assets.

Under a Sale-Leaseback, a company sells its land and buildings to a financial buyer at a highly competitive price and simultaneously leases it back under a triple-net lease for an initial term as long as 15-20 years (with additional renewal periods available). In contrast to a mortgage, Sale-Leasebacks require few or no financial covenants, eliminate the risk of rising interest rates, and monetize 100% of a property’s “full market value”, as compared to 75% of it’s more conservative “appraised value” under a typical mortgage.

Scura Partners was formed in 2001 to bring expertise developed at leading U.S. investment banking organizations to a middle-market corporate marketplace that can benefit from those services. The firm’s principals average over 30 years of industry experience and have completed over $250 billion in transactions, including Sale-Leasebacks, Mergers and Acquisitions, and the raising of debt and equity capital. Scura Paley applies this collective experience, transaction management skill, and knowledge of the Sale-Leaseback marketplace to manage a competitive process on behalf of its clients and produce the highest valuation on the real estate and most attractive contract terms on the underlying leases.

Project Finance

Managing and developing the infrastructure of major projects is a complex and challenging task. Throughout the feasibility, capital raising, implementation and operation phases of a project there are numerous transaction decisions and issues that need to be considered. Given the complexity of the task and the necessity for a strong business model from conception, obtaining professional transaction advice is imperative.

Scura Partners takes a partnership approach to project finance. We work closely with our clients, providing them with independent advice and valuable insights based on our extensive experience and deep sector-specific knowledge. We deliver a seamless multi-faceted service approach, incorporating industry wide knowledge in M&A, debt advisory, capital raising and structured finance. This approach enables us to develop and evolve a business plan for clients to structure the necessary capital, and optimize project returns while mitigating project risk.

We have strong relationships with all the major players including key debt and equity finance sources, banks, bondholders, financial and legal advisers, and financial sponsors. We explore all of these options with clients and give each project a specific team that is especially qualified for the scope of the job.