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Partner Initiatives

Scura Partners' Initiatives Program leverages our strong relationships in the accounting, wealth management and consulting industries to provide services to the clients of our Partner firms.

Scura Partners' Initiatives Program leverages our strong relationships in the accounting, wealth management and consulting industries to provide services to the clients of our Partner firms.

Many accounting and wealth management firms have clients in need of advisory, capital raising or other investment banking services that either go undetected or are provided by firms outside the Partners’ orbit.  Through the Partner Initiatives Program, we coordinate closely with Partner firms to identify such opportunities early on and provide clients a tailored solution that will keep the relationship within the Partner family.

The Partner Initiatives Program utilizes our Partners’ knowledge of their clients, developed through decades of service and fiduciary care, to provide clients the following:

  • Expert and objective advice coupled with unparalleled senior attention to the execution of transactions, the hallmarks of Scura Partners' approach to investment banking
  • Delivery of investment banking services with the same standards of care and oversight as provided by Partners’ respective accounting and wealth management groups
  • Uncommon consideration of, and sensitivity to, the personal and professional factors underlying each client engagement

For our Partners, the Partner Initiatives Program enhances their ability to offer clients a comprehensive set of financial services, strengthening their reputation and fostering goodwill.  By separating functions but maintaining close coordination between the investment banking and accounting and wealth management services, Partners are also able to preserve their ongoing position as steward of each client relationship.

The Partners Initiatives Program also features an Advisory Board of leaders in the accounting, wealth management and consulting industries.

For more information on joining the Partner Initiatives Program, please contact John Marcus at

Advisory Board

The Partner Initiatives Program’s Advisory Board is composed of leaders in the accounting, wealth management and consulting industries.

Christopher M. Allegretti

Managing Principal and Chief Executive Officer, Hill, Barth & King LLC

Christopher M. Allegretti is the Chairman of the Advisory Board.   Mr. Allegretti serves as Hill, Barth & King LLC’s (HBK) Managing Principal and Chief Executive Officer.  He provides strategic direction for HBK, focusing on maintaining and expanding the quality and depth of services and delivering increased value to HBK’s clients.  Mr. Allegretti works with each HBK office to ensure that investments in people and resources continue to help guide the company’s clients to achieve their goals. He is the chairman of HBK’s affiliated financial services firm, HBKS Wealth Advisors.

Over the course of his career, Mr. Allegretti has provided invaluable services to clients in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, professional services, wholesale distribution and retail.  He is featured and quoted throughout the recently published book, Leading an Accounting Firm: The Pyramid of Success, by Troy Waugh.

Mr. Allegretti holds a B.S. degree in Accounting from Edinboro University, as well as a Certificate of Achievement in Personal Financial Planning from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).  He is a member and advisor of several professional and civic associations.

To learn more about Mr. Allegretti, please click here.

Christopher N. Sorce, CFP®

Principal and Senior Financial Advisor, HBKS® Wealth Advisors

Christopher N. Sorce, CFP® is a Member of the Advisory Board and a founding principal of HBKS® Wealth Advisors.  Mr. Sorce serves clients throughout the United States from his offices in Erie and Naples, Florida. HBKS Wealth Advisors has distinguished itself among wealth management firms through its in-depth approach to personal financial planning and disciplined investing.  The firm has invested in sophisticated technology in order to efficiently monitor and tactically rebalance investment portfolios in volatile market conditions.  Likewise, HBKS has access to industry leading research and manager due diligence via a centralized Asset Management Unit and partnerships with external organizations like Fortigent.

As a senior financial advisor, Mr. Sorce directs a team of six professionals, including four certified financial planners and two licensed administrators, to provide the highest levels of service to each of their clients.

Mr. Sorce holds a B.A. degree from Boston University and the Certified Financial Planner designation.  He also holds Series 7, 24, 63 and 65 licenses as well as life and health insurance licenses.  Mr. Sorce is active in his professional association and has served on numerous local and national community executive boards.

To learn more about Mr. Sorce, please click here.

Partner Firms

Hill, Barth & King LLC

Hill, Barth & King LLC (HBK) is a top 100 accounting and wealth management practice which has served middle market firms throughout the United States since 1949, and has offices in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Florida.

Established in 1949, HBK serves clients ranging from individuals to small businesses to multimillion-dollar corporations across the United States through its 11 office locations.  The Company specializes in a wide variety of tax, accounting, assurance, and business consulting services.

HBK is distinguished by its firm-wide desire and aptitude for building lasting relationships with each of its clients.  The company offers the individualized attention only a local office can provide while providing all of the resources of a large, multidisciplinary firm.  HBK’s clients appreciate this unique ability to draw upon the organization’s depth to deliver the best solutions possible, whether that means obtaining information locally, nationally or even globally through its affiliation with the BDO Seidman Alliance.

HBK’s affiliate, HBKS Wealth Advisors (HBKS), is a wealth management platform with over $1.6 billion wealth in assets under management.  HBKS’ advisors are located in 10 offices in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania, and work closely with clients, as neighbors and friends, to holistically address their financial conditions, aspirations and goals.

For more information on HBK, click here.

For more information on HBKS, click here.

Dynasty Financial Partners

Dynasty is one of the fastest growing financial services companies in the U.S. They develop, source and integrate the finest wealth management capabilities for the industry’s leading independent advisory firms. The Dynasty Advisor Network is currently comprised of 23 firms representing $22 billion in client assets.

Dynasty Financial offers a fully customizable platform, with end-to-end support from a proven team and access to distinctive products and services. Our scale seeks to give RIAs and their clients better pricing, institutional level due diligence, and access to some of the wealth management industry's leading marketing services. We also provide transition financing and ongoing support for growth through the Dynasty network.

For more information on Dynasty Financial Partners, click here.