Scura Partners Announces the Launch of the Partners Initiative Program with Hill, Barth & King

November 8, 2013

Scura Partners LLC (“Scura Partners”) is pleased to announce the launch of its Partner Initiatives Program (“PIP”) with its first Partner, Hill, Barth & King LLC, a top 100 accounting and wealth management practice which has served middle market firms throughout the United States since 1949, and has offices in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Florida.

Many accounting and wealth management firms have clients in need of advisory, capital raising or other investment banking services that either go undetected or are provided by firms outside the Partners’ orbit. Through the Partner Initiatives Program, partner firms will gain the ability to identify such opportunities early on and, by coordinating closely with Scura Partners, provide clients a tailored solution that will keep the relationship within the Partner family.

By leveraging Partners’ knowledge of their clients, developed through decades of service and fiduciary care, the Partner Initiatives Program affords clients the following:

– Expert and objective advice coupled with unparalleled senior attention to the execution of transactions, the hallmarks of Scura Partners’s approach to investment banking

– Delivery of investment banking services with the same standards of care and oversight as provided by Partners’ respective accounting and wealth management groups

– Uncommon consideration of, and sensitivity to, the personal and professional factors underlying each client engagement

For Partners, the Partner Initiatives Program enhances their ability to offer clients a comprehensive set of financial services, strengthening their reputation and fostering goodwill. By separating functions but maintaining close coordination between the investment banking and accounting and wealth management services, Partners are also able to preserve their ongoing position as steward of each client relationship.

The Partner Initiatives Program’s Advisory Board features leaders in the accounting, wealth management and consulting industries. Chris Allegretti, CEO and Managing Partner of Hill, Barth & King, will chair the Advisory Board. Chris Sorce, CFP®, a Founding Partner of Hill, Barth & King’s $1.6 billion dollar wealth management affiliate, HBKS® Wealth Advisors, will advise on Scura Partners’s interaction with wealth management groups.

John Marcus, a Partner at Scura Partners and Managing Director of the Partner Initiatives Program, commented on the Program’s formation and launch Partner:

“I am excited to lead the Partner Initiatives Program and could not be happier that our first Partner will be Hill, Barth & King, a firm which shares our values and has a reputation for building trusting, lasting relationships with each of its clients. Providing dispassionate advice for its own sake, sadly, has taken a back seat in today’s deal-oriented culture. It is rare to find a firm that will recommend the best course of action for the client even if means walking away from a deal. The partnership between Hill, Barth & King and Scura Partners will revive the traditional banking ethos. Our clients will be treated to the ‘old school’ ways, where service comes first and the deals only follow when they make sense.”

For more information, please contact John Marcus at

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